Monday, July 13, 2015

Goodbye, Round Mountain!

I'd like to say Round Mountain was the best place I've ever lived. In fact, that's only a third of the truth, because three towns hold dear to my heart. During the two years in Round Mountain, I made friends whom I'll never forget. When we moved to Ely, NV, it made me love them even more. Ely (pronounced Ee-lee,) interesting town. To say the least. But still, it was a stop along our road, and so it merits a mention, however small.

Ely was the next town on our list because Round Mountain was, well, tiny. It was decided (not unanimously,) that we needed room to grow; room to live.
I say the decision wasn't made unanimously. Don't get me wrong; we support every decision my dad makes. This one was just a little more difficult to accept. As I think I mentioned before, we didn't have any friends in the previous places we'd lived. The Idaho girl clan and the Round Mountain family were the only real friends we had ever had, besides the church family in Missouri, and our relatives. So as you can imagine, it was hard to leave. We keep in touch with our RM friends even today, but that doesn't change that we were saddened by the move.

Continuing on, I think that Ely needs a chance to be appreciated. I disliked the town, yes, but the rental house we resided in for that time is ranked one of my favorites. Partially because I had a bedroom to myself.   ;-)   There was so much land with that house! That's where my brothers and dad got into dirt bikes. Later they got me a fourwheeler so I could join in. But that's another story.
The Ely rental trailer house was bigger than the  trailers in Round Mountain. It was a double wide, which meant it was twice the width, which meant more room, which meant happy family. Add the house to the five acre lot it was on, and you've got a rather nice house. To be honest, though, there were only a couple little memories made in that house. Most of them include dirt bikes. Some of the best memories were at Hotel Nevada, a local restaurant/hotel and casino.

Needless to say, we never went into the casino bit, but the restaurant, we found out, was really rather tasty. Let me rephrase that. The restaurant served good food.   ;-)
Some of the memories are playing in the yard. We often pretended that we were pioneers on the Nevada plains, trying to settle in and build a town. One memory is of our Thanksgiving turkey flying up as my dad went down. He slipped on the kitchen tile because he hadn't taken his wet flip flops off. He ended up twisting his knee. Oddly enough, I thought to save the turkey from the floor before helping Dad.   :-D
I'll never forget the day we moved away, though. It was early, like five AM, and it was a big step. We had no more need to live in Ely. Well, I guess I should revisit WHY exactly we were moving. Why do we ever move? Dad's work. He found a copper mine in Morenci, Arizona and decided that it was a better place than Ely. We didn't move to Morenci, though. We moved to Safford. Safford, Arizona is roughly 45 minutes away from Morenci. Dad moved us to Safford because it had better housing, better churches, and better stores, and decided that he would drive to work in Morenci. There is a van available for the employees of the mine, and it picks the Safford employees up and drives them to work every day so as not to use personal vehicles' fuel.

The size comparison with Safford and Morenci is a bit like Salmon, Idaho and Ely, Nevada. Morenci isn't quite so big as Ely in population, but it has bigger buildings, and bigger company name buildings at that. Safford, on the other hand, has a Walmart, a Home Depot, a Safeway, and several other big-name stores.

I'm afraid that Safford is full of blogging content. Which means that this post is to be continued. There are only two more moves left to go in my story.
Until the next time!


  1. It feels like you've been everywhere! You're super well traveled! :)

    1. Yes, yes I am. I'm thinking about doing a post about the places I've been after my moving storyline. The Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore, Disneyland, etc.

  2. Nice to see another blog post from you, Mountain Gal! :D

    1. Thank you! I have more in the making! :)